#PlayKoreanFood_Season2 The application for the contest have begun! Do you think Korean food made by foreigners is awkward? If you agree, you should watch this video. Did you know Kim Young-Ok, Gi-hun mother in [Squid Game] was also Chambo’s mom??? What is the K-Food that Kim Young-Ok and Chambo make? [Entry Period] November 19th (Fri) - December 18th (Wed) [Winner Announcement] On the contest website on December 28th (Tue) [The Contest Topics] ① A cooking video with a Kimchi or Jang theme (Cookbang) ② Mukbang with a Korean food theme [Required] State [#PlayKoreanFood_Season2] in front of the video's title Essential hashtag: #playkoreanfood_season2 #hansik #koreanfood #playhansik and other Korean food tags [Total Prize] USD 134,000 Tag a foreign friend who enjoyed #squidgame 2021 Korean Food Video Contest Guideline👀 ▶ https://youtu.be/nV53u2waHwk