Chuncheon-Inje Metropolitan Fences & Strengthened Quarantine Measures in Farms to Prevent Spreading of ASF in Wild Boars
Public Relations Division

○ Strengthened boar management measures and quarantine measures in farms following the discovery of wild boars (174 times) infected with African Swine Fever outside metropolitan fences

- To block southward movement of wild boars, promptly install 3-step metropolitan fences between Chuncheon, Soyanggang River and Inje, and implement intensive search for carcasses

- In 3 pig farms located within 10 km from the 174th occurrence point, restrict travel, perform precision examination, and apply quicklime and disinfect once a week

- Perform phone inspection, intensive disinfection and promotion of quarantine rules every day in 339 pig farms in Gyeonggi and Northern Gangwon regions, and officials at MAFRA are conducting on-site inspection (February 3 - 14) for quarantine management status