K-Food in Movie 'Parasite' for Global Marketing
Public Relations Division

□ Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (hereinafter "MAFRA") announced that for food exporting companies that are experiencing hardships due to the recent outbreak of 'COVID-19', it will begin 'online promotion of K-food' in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand beginning with Amazon, the representative online mall of the US from February 22 based on winning 4 Oscar awards with movie 'Parasite'.

ㅇ On the Amazone US, under the event 'Buy 4 and 1 free K-foods to celebrate 4 Oscar Awards', foods exposed from the movie* and famous 'exporting agri-food' from online malls will be marketed.

* Whenever the movie Parasite was released, keywords such as ;jjapaguri' and 'parasite ramen' appear on local recipe sites and social media.

* Exporting food package: Jjapaguri + rice snack / spicy chicken ramen + aloe drink / snack + soju, etc.

ㅇ In addition, a special fair will be promoted by launching 'Singo Pear', and 'Enoki mushroom and king oyster mushroom' on Amazon so that the US locals can buy our fresh agricultural goods.

ㅇ For market diversification, special online fairs of 'Issued Foods in Movie' will go side by side in March mainly in new Southern countries such as Q10 in Indonesia, Lazada in Vietnam and Shopee in Thailand.

* Participatory Event: Upload a video recipe of your own (Tastier way to eat Korean ramen, tteokbokki made of Korean gochujang, etc.) to get a package of Korean snacks seen from the movie.

□ Also, to create economic effects came as the reflected glory of Oscar Awards of the movie Parasite, it plans to launch various events in a movie theater (CGV Source Mall)* by installing Korean food promotion booth for local consumers in the US.

* Spread of screening Parasite in the US: (Until January 2020) 3 places → (February 2020) 1,060 → (Febtuary 2020 onwards) 2,000 (p)

ㅇ Planning to encourage purchase by distributing K-food eating scenes from movie on Instagram and Youtube by collaborating with famous local Youtubers of the US, and providing links to online malls where they can buy K-foods

* Cooking K-food from movie with Youtuber, introducing K-food 'meal kit' (ramen + strategic items), etc.

ㅇ Planning to promote and spread Korean agri-food in mainstream markets of the US through various participatory events that introduce how to eat various Korean foods from promotion booths and teach 'how to eat Korean food', and 'how to cook K-food my way'

□ Kim Sang-jin, the Export Promotion Division Director said, "Like we had the 'Chimaek' wave in China after the popularity gained from K-dramas, which led to increased beer exports of Korea, it is another Korean wave to promote Korea's food culture based on content", and added, "We will make the best of this chance to actively support diverse activities to promote Korean food."