Developing Rural Village where people hope returning by improving the quality of rural life
Public Relations Division

◈ Government held Committee of rural life quality improvement (Chair: Prime Minister), deliberated and confirmed ‘The 4th basic plan for quality improvement of agricultural and fishery life and regional economic development’

❍ Set 4 major strategies and establish investment/financing plan of 50 billion USD

❶ Provide Social service by stage of life cycle and fostering embracing community

❷ Ensure equity of opportunities on education and cultural experience

❸ Prepare improved settlement basis with embedded aspects of rural living

❹ Diversify economic activities & improve internal circulation of regional economy

❍ Extend the ‘Service Level Agreement(SLA)’ to more services and reform, which sets the minimum goal level of public service rural residences require in daily life

- Establish the “Management guide to evaluate influences on rural society” so as to analyze, assess and review influences of the central government and local governments’ major plans, policies and programs

- Introduce ‘Prior consultation rule’ so as to ensure(or improve) the effectiveness of the ‘Quality of life plan’ and adopt ‘Rural agreement program’ which builds the better cooperation system between Center government and local governments.