Fresh fruit snacks to elementary schools in 2022
Public Relations Division
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Minister Kim Hyeon-soo, MAFRA) starts the initiative to supply fruit snacks to daycare classes at elementary school in 2022 from April 4.

The initiative aims to replace snacks such as bread and hot dogs provided currently at daycare classes with healthier and fresh fruit at least once a week (30 times a year, 150g per serving).

Under the initiative, MAFRA has implemented a pilot project since 2018 to alleviate nutritional imbalances of children in the short term and to form healthy eating habits in the long term with the aim to promote the public’s health such as tackling childhood obesity.

According to the results of the 2021 project satisfaction survey, the project has been effective in facilitating children to get more fruit and improving eating habits*. Also, it showed the high level of satisfaction from beneficiaries such as parents and students**.

Comparison of fruit intake before and after the project
* Among those who participated in the survey, 92.3% of parents, 85.6% of teachers answered that the children's eating habits were improved.
** 96% of parents/students, and 86% of teachers were satisfied. 97% of parents/students recognized the need to expand the project.

Students receive snacks made of fruits that have been certified as eco-friendly by the Environment-Friendly Agricultural Products or the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The processes including washing and cutting are managed in HACCP certified facilities with the level of safety and hygiene.

On February 28th, 17 suppliers were selected through strict screening of facilities, equipment, and work processes. In addition, MAFRA will make the best efforts to manage the supply such as semi-annual on-site inspections in order to meet the higher standard for food safety and sanitation.

From this year, the initiative removes the condition of supplying more than 50% of the snacks with the six major fruit types (apples, pears, grapes, tangerines, sweet persimmons, and peaches). Accordingly, students could eat more diverse and delicious fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, watermelons, and strawberries.

Considering the continued COVID-19 pandemic like last year, MAFRA will make sure that students continue to eat seasonal fruits consistently by replacing the raw fruit with a courier or package if school attendance is restricted.