Difficult-to-treat livestock manure, transformed into a resident-friendly renewable energy park
Public Relations Division
□ The Jeju Free International City Development Center has been selected as the first recipient of the ‘Public Bioenergy Conversion Facility’ project with a budget of 21 billion won for the next 3 years by 2024.

◯ (Overview) To create the Green Energy Park that produces energy by processing organic waste resources hard to be disposed in rural areas and using them in greenhouses

◯ (Expected outcome) To process 245 tons of organic waste resources per day, such as livestock manure and by-products from slaughter in Jeju → Generate 4,972Mw of electricity that can be used by 1,800 households (four people) per year and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2,460 tons (CO2eq).
- Promote profit sharing with residents by installing a smart farm led by local companies on the facility site and supplying electricity and heat generated from facilities

◯ (Next Steps) To expand the number of publicly-led energy conversion facilities to 10 by 2030.